About Us

Artificial Intelligence Technology, as we all know, is a game changing technology and revolutionising the way the world works around us. Realising the potential of AI, Aidea Labs, started to work on creating the next generation AI workforce, especially focussing on tier 2 and tier 3 cities by approaching schools, colleges and professional community.
Aidea Labs aims at forming the Young and Energetic AI Community and involve the team in innovative AI Research Solutions. We mentor the aspiring young talents in their AI projects and research work. We guide the professionals who are in a different technology to transition to AI space.
Our Services

Technical Workshop

Perfect way to learn basic, intermediate and advanced concepts in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and related technologies. Our well planned topics and contents will help you understand the atomic to the most complicated concepts in the respective AI topics.

Research and Internship

The AI Research Team at Aidea Labs are very enthusiastic in innovating ideas around AI and are working on various interesting research work in AI. These research works are experimental in exploring the AI capabilities in various areas and eventually will create productive AI solutions. Aidea Labs provides internships to who becomes a part of our AI Research Team.

AI Product Development

Apart from solutions emerging out of our AI research , Aidea Labs is also working on developing AI Products.

Student Attended


Trainings Classes



Aidea Labs Learning Workshop



Want an informative seminar in any AI topic in your College or Organisation?

All good things start with an action which creates an impact to the society. We believe teaching is a best way of giving back to the community